Meal Scholarship Program

Tallahassee Community College Athletics would like to thank the following restaurants for particiapting in the Eagles' Meal Scholarship Program during the 2013-14 athletic season.


5052 West Tennessee Street
Phone: (850) 576-6669
Distance from TCC: 2.3 miles
Contact: Preston Black
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205 Magnolia Drive
Phone: (850) 309-0558
Distance from TCC: 4.7 miles
Contact: Lo Hock
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3438 Thomasville Road
Phone: (850) 893-2042
Distance from TCC: 6.9 miles
Contact: Desmond Black
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2026 West Pensacola Street
Phone: (850) 576-0539
Distance from TCC: 1.3 miles
Contact: Gina Olivar
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Panda Express

1410 West Tennessee Street
Phone: (850) 222-6899
Distance from TCC: 3.1 miles

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Stevi B's Pizza Buffet

1964 West Tennessee Street
Phone: (850) 727-0369
Distance from TCC: 2.5 miles

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