Rachel Williams, Cross Country

Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams

Getting to Know Rachel Williams

Favorite TV Show: The Office…Favorite movie: The Great Gatsby…Favorite Food: Pasta…One food you won't touch: Mushrooms…Favorite Type of Music: Country…Song/Artist you rarely admit to liking but secretly do: Classical music…Farthest you’ve ever been from home: Tennessee…If you could visit any place, it would be: Paris…My spirit animal is: Peacock…The Top thing on my Bucket List is: To scuba dive…Three words that best describe me are: Determined, funny, mature…Something most people don’t know about me is: I am double jointed…The person I admire most is: My great-grandmother…To get ready for a race, I like to: Listen to fast-paced music…Favorite Athlete: Chris Bosh…Favorite pro sports team: Miami Heat…The best advice I’ve ever received is: Set both long- and short-term goals…My most memorable moment as an athlete was: A younger runner who also has asthma said she was proud of me and wanted to follow in my footsteps.

What I like best about TCC: How involved the staff is and everyone feels like a family
Favorite class taken at TCC: Comparative politics with instructor Randi Ashworth
What piece of advice would you give to the freshmen: Anything hard is worth it in the long run

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