Genevieve Printiss, Cross Country

Genevieve Printiss

Getting to Know Genevieve Printiss

Favorite TV show: Glow...Favorite movie: To the Bone...Favorite food: Canned fish...Favorite music genre: All...A song or artist I like but rarely admit to liking: Cardi B, Sam Smith...The farthest I've ever been from home: California...If I could visit any place in the world, it would be: Russian Arctic National Park...My spirit animal is: Swallow Tail Kite...The top thing on my bucket list: Have a large, successful garden...Three words that best describe me: Compassionate, creative, athletic...One thing people don't know about me: I lived on a nature preserve the first 13 years of my life...Person I admire: Elizabeth Warren...The best piece of advice I've ever received: Don't overthink everything...To get ready for a race, I like to: Tie my shoes a certain way, breathe...Favorite athlete: Julia Hawkins (100m record holder for 100+ year olds)...My most memorable moment as an athlete: Placing ninth at regionals my senior year when I was predicted to place 13th. 

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